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Our team is extremely proud of the personal and professional service we provide to property owners and tenants. To help assist you in your application we have outlined some of the process that will be involved throughout to assist you.

Application Requirements

  • Complete an Application Form – one per person over 18 years of age.
  • Documentation required with application:
    * Drivers license or Passport
    * Current Pay slips and/or Centrelink documents
    * Accountant letter
    * Bank Statements (minimum 3 months)

Know your responsibilities when renting

When renting, little problems can turn into big problems if you are not aware of who is responsible for taking care of the issues that may arise.

As a tenant you are obliged to do the following:

  • Keep the property clean
  • Not cause damage to the premises
  • Inform the Agents/Landlord ASAP if any damage is done
  • Ask for the Landlords permission to install fixtures or make alterations, renovations etc.
  • Do not participate in anything illegal on the property
  • Avoid disturbing the Landlord or neighbours unnecessarily

The landlord is obliged to:

  • Keep the premises in good repair
  • Ensure the security of the property by making sure all doors have locks and windows are secure
  • Immediately provide the tenant with a key after changing any locks
  • Avoid disturbing the tenant unnecessarily

Once you have signed a lease / tenancy agreement and paid a bond you should be provided with a Condition Report. Outlined below. Check this report carefully and immediately discuss any issues you may have with the landlord.

Rental Payments
During the tenancy, rent payments are to be made in advance as set out under the tenancy agreement. If at any time you are unable to make a payment on or before the due date, please make immediate contact with your Property Manager.
Rent payment method options:
BPay, Money Order, Bank Cheque or Personal Cheque are accepted as rent payment methods.
Please note we are a Cashless Office. No responsibility will be taken for cheques left under our door. Should extra person/s decide to move into the premises after the lease has commenced, you are required to receive permission from our office. We ask that you advise our office as soon as possible and have any potential tenant/s complete a tenancy application form.

Your Bond will be lodged with the Rental Bond Board, via an email sent out on acceptance. The bond is held as security against any damage or undue wear and tear. The bond will be refunded promptly after you vacate, provided the property is left in as close to as possible the same condition as when the Tenancy Agreement commenced and there are no monies owing.

Condition Report
Upon signing the lease, you will be given a condition report. We ask that you check this thoroughly and add any additional comments you see fit, please feel free to take photos for your own records as while we do take photos it is always good to also have your own. Please sign the front page and return the original copy to our office within 7 days of receiving the report, a copy for your records will be provided.

Periodic Inspections
During the course of your tenancy, the premises will be inspected periodically by your Property Manager, after the required notice has been given. Our office will contact you in advance to make arrangements for a mutually convenient time. Thereafter, provided that everything is in order, further inspections will be carried out at twelve monthly intervals.

Tenants Contents
Please note that the landlords insurance does not cover tenant’s contents, and the Landlord cannot be held responsible for damage (water) to or theft of a Tenants belongings.

Electricity, Water, Gas & Telephone
It is each tenant’s responsibility to have the account placed in his or her name(s) and then to arrange to have a meter reading done prior to vacating the premises. All tenants are required to contact the relevant water supplier to inquire as to whether the property is separately metered. If the property is separately metered, please arrange for a meter reading and transfer the account into your name/s. The following are some contact numbers for these authorities or use your own providers where possible:

GAS:AGLPh: 131 245
Energy AustraliaPh: 131 535

Repairs & Maintenance
All repairs are to be put in writing to our office.

Emergency Repairs
All repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, however it is often necessary to obtain the landlords approval and/or quotes before any work can commence, so unfortunately a time lag is sometimes unavoidable. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, we advise that the following can be considered urgent repairs: * BURST WATER SERVICE * GAS LEAK * BROKEN OR BLOCKED TOILET * SERIOUS ROOF LEAK * DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL FAULT * FLOODING OR FLOOD DAMAGE * FAILURE OR BREAKDOWN OF THE GAS * SERIOUS STORM OR FIRE DAMAGE * ELECTRICITY OR WATER SUPPLY If an emergency situation arises, and you are unable to contact our office, please call the emergancey contacts provided on your lease.
Another contact in regards to severe storm emergancies are the SES 132 500.